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Moni Sebestyen has paid her dues and then some, dedicating her life to perfecting her art and craft as a consummate makeup artist. Yet excellence for her is a moving target; instead of resting on her laurels, she strives to widen her horizons, expanding an already formidable skillset.

To say that Moni is versatile is an understatement. Dividing her time between Hollywood and Northern California, she has established an impressive client base of leaders in television, music, sports and advertising. With a signature style, she studies individual facial features, applying her masterstrokes to achieve unique creations of luminous character and beauty.
It is no surprise that her credits include pop divas, R&B artists, a legendary music producer, world-class athletes and NFL cheerleaders.

Moni has excelled in demanding professional environments for network television, commercials, awards ceremonies and webcasts, designing makeup to meet exacting requirements.
A great student of motion pictures, Moni’s ambition is to distinguish herself in this challenging and rewarding arena.

As always, in her tireless pursuit of greater artistic achievements, Moni will not stop short of anything but to astonish.


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